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“In all of these Fantasy tools, this one perplexes me the most. Not because I don’t understand it, but I guess because I don’t understand how none of the major Fantasy sites have stolen the idea yet.” -David Gonos

–> The one and only 2014 Draft Planalyzer is here! <–

The biggest mistake any fantasy football player can make is to ignore relevant information. The Planalyzer was the first- and is still the only- tool that helps you analyze your redraft league’s past drafts to give you insight for this year on how *your* league drafts. Learn when position runs start, how long you can wait on a given position, where to set your baselines, and even generate a custom ADP for *your* league. All you have to do is plug in your last three years of drafts, and the Planalyzer does the rest.

There’s tons of information out there on millions of fantasy football sites. But none of them can tell you how your league drafted last year.

The Planalyzer helps you do just that.

Oh.. and it still costs just $0. Sound good? Get it here.

 More goodness below.
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A look at Jameis Winston’s NFL prospects next season from guest contributor Mike Scully.

Going into the 2014 season, no player in college football was going to be
analyzed more than Jameis Winston. After all, he was able to win a national
championship with Florida State and win the Heisman Trophy individually
in 2013. The Seminoles have been able to stay undefeated up to this point,
but NFL scouts are starting to question just how good he can be at the next

As of right now, nobody knows for sure if Winston will be in the NFL next
season or not. There is actually a chance that we do not see him in the NFL
for a while if he truly decides to stay in college until he graduates like he has
stated in the past. With that being said, at some point he is going to get the
opportunity to be a NFL quarterback. His decision-making this year has
been pretty shaky for the most part, and that is the number 1 reason why
NFL scouts are starting to wonder just how much success he can have in
fantasy football.

Winston might not be the most athletic quarterback in the world, but he can
make some plays with his legs. In order to have success in the NFL, he will
need to rely a little bit more on his arm. Statistically, he is not really getting
things done with 17 interceptions in the 11 games Florida State has played
so far this year. Sure, he has taken a few risks in games to try and force the
issue, but he simply won’t get away with that at the highest level.

There is also of course the case of Winston off of the field. He has been in
and out of the headlines for various reasons. The most notable is of course
the allegation of sexual assault, but no one really knows for sure what
happened that night other than the 2 who were actually there. As for things
we do know about, he has just not acting maturely as a student athlete at
Florida State. He has 1st round and even number 1 overall talent, but that
doesn’t always mean he’s going to succeed.

Winston has a chance to play two marquee games in the next few weeks,
and that will be more telling than anything about where he stands. So far, it
has been a pretty mediocre season individually for the reigning Heisman
Trophy winner compared to the lofty standards he set for himself last season.

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A million other sites will tell you all you want to know about ADP, projections, injuries, etc.

That’s all important, but in your redraft leagues- the ones you’ve been in for years with the same guys & gals- you have the best chance to crush your draft.

How? Get the results from your last few drafts, use our Draft Planalyzer, and read our 3P strategy series.

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Fantasy Football Calculator offers an awesome tool that allows you to take snapshots of current Average Draft Position with various tweakable settings.

Here at, I’ve built the Draft Planalyzer to clue you in on how many positions go in a given round (8 RBs in round one, 6 WRs in round two, etc). I don’t tie actual players to those positions, since that changes from year to year.

I’ve developed a handy, side by side view of the big four OFF positions that I call the Draftometer. Essentially, when the ADP-o-matic tells you QB1 will go 6th overall in your league, you’ll know the market currently thinks the first QB off the board will be Peyton Manning.

Check it out under resources.


facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather is pleased to kick off the 2014 fantasy football draft season with some sound strategy advice from guest contributor Jess Tarling.

Fantasy Football Drafting Advice

If you are a NFL fan, it seems like the fall can’t get here soon enough. It is always tough to get through the summer months, but most people who play fantasy football tend to look at projections and ratings heading into the fall to pass the time. Having the right draft strategy in fantasy football can make a huge difference. Here are a few tips to work on between now and draft day.

Fantasy Playoff Weeks Are Huge

As long as you are one of the top teams in your regular season, it all comes down to the playoffs. That is why it is extremely important to take note of who your top players go up against to end the regular season. Scheduling is always going to be imbalanced in some way, and a top quarterback could be facing difficult defenses to end the regular season. You want the most favorable matchups possible when the season is on the line.

Avoid Rookie Quarterbacks

The 2014 NFL draft class had a few intriguing quarterbacks taken early on, but none of them are nearly ready to compete on a weekly basis and put up huge numbers in fantasy football. For starters, guys like Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater are not on very good teams. Secondly, they are not nearly on the same level as other rookies who have had success from the very beginning such as Andrew Luck and Cam Newton.

Running Back Comes Down To Depth

In an era with very few featured running backs left, it is more important to have depth on your roster. After all, it is perhaps the most important position in fantasy football. Injuries are also fairly common, so having depth can help soften the blow if your 1st or 2nd round player goes down with an injury and has to miss a few games.

Tight Ends Matter

Just like the NFL is changing with how they handle running backs, the league as a whole seems to be throwing the football to the tight end on a consistent basis. In fact, that position in a way is turning into a receiver for the passing game. Not every tight end is going to be as productive as Jimmy Graham, but make sure you get a good one earlier than normal.

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As promised, a special article on how I use Draft Planalyzer to set up’s Draft Dominator.

Check it out here.

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