April 2011
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It’s time to start winning your fantasy football league. Right now, while the schleps are watching those other three sports.

It’s time to Prepare, Plan and Perfect your 2011 fantasy football draft. And the Draftologist is here to help. Over the next couple of months, I will show you how to prepare for a solid draft. How to glean information from those old drafts (your last three years, preferably). I’m going to show you how to organize that data- heck, I’m even going to give you access to free, preformatted spreadsheets to help. Then we’ll see what that data tells us about your leagues.

Then we’re going to plan your draft- how to turn your data into useful information that can help you predict what will happen in your league’s draft; you are going to have a customized ADP listing for your league. We’ll talk about evaluating players and minimizing risks, especially with those precious high draft picks.

Finally, we’re going to perfect your draft strategy by coming up with realistic and meaningful baselines for your league, ways to evaluate player projections (or even a method to create your own). We’ll talk about how to actually build a strategy, how to get organized, and how to stay organized on draft day. We’ll also keep a running dialogue in the ADP listings- what players are moving up and down (ADP determines market value- you must pay attention to it to succeed).

Along the way, I’ll sprinkle in some Draftologist goodies, such as a cool way for you to run your post-season in a three division, 12-team league (think something like collegiate Bowl Games); I’ll share my favorite scoring system; I’ll give my three cents on the various sites I use during the season; and post whatever other thoughts strike my fancy.

Homework: My system is intended to help those of you who play in an established league, not a random public league. If you’re still on board, then you need to gather your past three draft listings, in the order that the players were picked. We’re interested in positions- not player names. So you want something like #1 RB, #2 RB, #3 QB, etc. If you have fewer than three years, that’s fine, too.

3P Class starts this week. Get ready.

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