April 2011
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252627282930 proudly presents the Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer Workbook!

As promised, here’s version one of this year’s workbook. This Excel file is preloaded with draft information adapted from the excellent ADP tools, so kudos to them for making that freely available to us Fantasy Football fanatics.

As I continue on with my series on the 3P’s of draft strategy, I will be using the DAW to provide examples on how you can use it to help prepare, plan and perfect your draft this year. Download, take a look, play around with it. I don’t claim to be a spreadsheet guru, and it isn’t the prettiest spreadsheet you’ll see; I offer it as is, with warts and all (but I do plan to constantly polish and expand it (with hopes to create a real app some day).

I’ll work on some documentation soon, but essentially you can follow the prompts on the ‘Input’ tab and then take a look at the subsequent worksheets which breakdown your past drafts into digestable chunks. Features include:

  • Filterable Lists: Show what your league’s typical pick depth is at draft slot 5, etc.
  • Process up to 320 draft picks in straight or serpentine order, up to 25 rounds.
  • Up to 12 different player positions- customizable to your league’s positions
  • Up to 16 teams/owners
  • Automatically generated tables and charts with no macros necessary.
  • Ability to enter up to your past three years of drafts, and weight them for computing averages.
  • Works in Excel 2003 and up; Google Docs; and should work with any Excel-compatible spreadsheet program (OpenOffice, etc).

The wait is over- check it out: FFDAW_1102_P More info to follow!

Notes: The Workbook does have protection turned on to prevent you from overwriting something important, but only the About sheet is password-protected (for what that’s worth). Also, you do (at least in Excel 2003, which is what the Workbook was mostly created in) need to have the Analysis Toolpack Add-In enabled (Tools->Add-Ins->). Drop me a line if you run into any issues or have any questions or suggestions.

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