May 2011
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Anyone can mock draft. Can you do it the right way? Using the data from our free Draft Analyzer Workbook, you can revolutionize how you mock draft.

Is it worth planning every pick in your draft? I think so, even if the plan gets blown out the door in the first round. You can use the DAW to construct a plan that anticipates your position runs, ensures that you have pre-defined and well researched options at each pick and helps you stay on track even when things aren’t going quite the way you expected.

We conclude our draft strategy process tonight with Part VI, which tells you how to squeeze more insight not only from the DAW, but from your own interactions with your fellow owners., and for how planning for the worse case will always leave you pleasantly surprised when all is said and done- if you are truly prepared. Get into it right here, and the other parts are all available under resources->draft strategy above.

Looking forward, I’ll be delving into other areas of how to minimize risks of busts, how to evaluate projections with a sanity check, and other goodies. Hopefully the NFL will get back to business soon and everyone will be ramping up for their drafts. Until then, we’ll keep Draftology 101 going.

I want to send a shout out to a fellow draftologist who has been so kind as to dive into the DAW and send me reams of feedback that will help me refine the DAW and my theories/methodoloy. Frank Horton, thanks for the good word, the awesome suggestions and constructive feedback!! You’ve moved to the head of the class!

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