July 2013
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A brand new & totally FREE Draft Planalyzer is now ready for your perusal!

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Hailed by  in 2012 as possibly being “your Fantasy Football league’s Mel Kiper”. This year, Mr. Gronos calls it “easily one of my favorite draft tools around” and writes (

“In all of these Fantasy tools, this one perplexes me the most. Not because I don’t understand it, but I guess because I don’t understand how none of the major Fantasy sites have stolen the idea yet.”

Find out why: Get your last three year’s worth of draft data and go to it!

!!- Version 13.01 is now available for Microsoft Excel, featuring the brand new, long-awaited ADP-o-matic  -!!

Libre Office version 13.00 (original version, update coming soon).

Want to check it out prior to downloading it? Watch the video overview for last year’s version here!

Click on the Resources-> Draft Planalyzer tab above to download.

Under the ‘Articles’ tab on this site you can learn how to use the spreadsheet.. we will be updating for the new version but it is still very relevant. Also, we’ll be recording some screencast video tutorials on how to use it soon. Once training camps start rolling we’ll post more useful info on reducing draft pick busts and how to punch up the fun factor in your leagues.

Note: The individual owner content available in last year’s version has been removed. It may return in a new edition.

Draft Planalyzer Features Include:

  • New in version 13.01! Generate a CUSTOM ADP for *your* league with the ADP-o-matic or build your own- perfect for use with’s ‘Draft Dominator*’.
  • New in version 13.00! Automatically generate a variety of customized baselines to hone your VBD strategy!
  • Filterable Lists: Example,  show what your league’s typical pick depth is at draft slot 5
  • Process up to 320 draft picks in straight, serpentine or third-round reversal orders, up to 25 rounds.
  • Up to 12 different player positions- customize with *your* league’s positions
  • Up to 16 teams/owners
  • Automatically generated tables and charts with no macros necessary.
  • Ability to enter up to your past three years of drafts, and weight them for computing averages.
  • Versions for Libre Office, available for free here, and Microsoft Excel, which is compatible with many spreadsheet programs
  • Did we mention.. it’s completely, 100% FREE?

* is in no way affiliated with nor has the Draft Planalyzer been endorsed for use with their products. ‘Footballguys’, ‘’, and ‘Draft Dominator’ are trademarks of Footballguys.

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