August 2021
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3031 was founded in 2010 and relaunched in 2011 to complement the wealth of fantasy football information sites out there. Follow the Draftologist on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, and don’t be afraid to say hello and leave feedback.

One thing there is precious little of out there are ways to help you develop a solid draft strategy tailored to your specific league. There is absolutely no need for another rehash site of player news, speculation, rankings, projections and the like. But what there is a lack of is how to use this information and get a leg up on the competition in your league. In other words, I think there is a need for more fantasy football draftology – the study and betterment of fantasy football drafting.

The intended audience- and the one that will likely garner the most benefit from this site- are the folks that have been playing in leagues with the same gang for years. I developed these draft strategies by playing with the essentially same group of guys for 12 years. I actually wrote an article that was featured on in 2007 detailing some of the draft analysis methods that are here. But, any fantasy football owner will find value here.

The site addresses what I consider to be a lack of draft strategies as they apply to your established league’s specific circumstances. I’ve figured out a couple of things on how to tailor a strategy for my leagues, and I’m going to share what I learn with the world.