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“In all of these Fantasy tools, this one perplexes me the most. Not because I don’t understand it, but I guess because I don’t understand how none of the major Fantasy sites have stolen the idea yet.” -David Gonos

–> The one and only 2014 Draft Planalyzer is here! <–

The biggest mistake any fantasy football player can make is to ignore relevant information. The Planalyzer was the first- and is still the only- tool that helps you analyze your redraft league’s past drafts to give you insight for this year on how *your* league drafts. Learn when position runs start, how long you can wait on a given position, where to set your baselines, and even generate a custom ADP for *your* league. All you have to do is plug in your last three years of drafts, and the Planalyzer does the rest.

There’s tons of information out there on millions of fantasy football sites. But none of them can tell you how your league drafted last year.

The Planalyzer helps you do just that.

Oh.. and it still costs just $0. Sound good? Get it here.

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One Big Idea. Many endeavors have launched because of a single idea, born of a nagging need.

I didn’t draft well prior to 2004. I tried to subscribe to VBD, thought I knew how to use ADP, figured I understood how the scoring system affected player values. But, like so many still do, I ignored the previous years’ drafts and their gold mine of information, much to my chagrin. Then, as I struggled with the concepts of baselines and trying to get a better idea of how my league drafted differently that generic ADP indicated, I started very simply by tallying up how many of each position went in each round. Then I did it for a couple more years back.

I saw the patterns- the draft did not change much from round to round, year to year. Better yet, since I always knew what slot I would be drafting from, I could get an idea, based on history, how many of each position would be drafted at a given slot in the draft in a given round. This became the core of what is now the Draft Planalyzer. Read on to learn how to use the Planalyzer Draft List for your league, right here.

Headsup- tomorrow, at long last, we cover the brand new Baseliner feature!


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