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“In all of these Fantasy tools, this one perplexes me the most. Not because I don’t understand it, but I guess because I don’t understand how none of the major Fantasy sites have stolen the idea yet.” -David Gonos

–> The one and only 2014 Draft Planalyzer is here! <–

The biggest mistake any fantasy football player can make is to ignore relevant information. The Planalyzer was the first- and is still the only- tool that helps you analyze your redraft league’s past drafts to give you insight for this year on how *your* league drafts. Learn when position runs start, how long you can wait on a given position, where to set your baselines, and even generate a custom ADP for *your* league. All you have to do is plug in your last three years of drafts, and the Planalyzer does the rest.

There’s tons of information out there on millions of fantasy football sites. But none of them can tell you how your league drafted last year.

The Planalyzer helps you do just that.

Oh.. and it still costs just $0. Sound good? Get it here.

 More goodness below.
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Run a search on Google for “fantasy football draft strategy” and you’ll get over 4.5 million hits.

Question: How many of those links can give you specific information about your redraft league’s tendencies on draft day?

Answer: None. Zip. Zero. There is only one place to get that information, and that is from your past years’ draft results. Still got ‘em? Good. Beginning this weekend, the Draftologist will walk you through preparing, planning and perfecting your draft strategy- the 3P Draft Strategy.

We’ll leverage the Draft Planalyzer, available here for free. And, new this year, we’ll delve into generating sensible baselines and even a custom ADP list that you can use to own your draft.

Redraft leagues have three seasons: Draft, regular and playoff. Maximize your chances of  joining the playoff fun in *your* league and stay tuned this week. You can start, right now, by reading our Introduction.

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The arguments seems as old as the value-based drafting method- what is the best way to determine your baselines? The Draftologist is here to help, and we’ve come up with a way to standardize baseline computation. Check it out in the articles section here.

Coming up here at A simple table ranking teams in terms of what changed in the off-season, a revamped overview of our sweet-spot concept, some things to punch up the fun in your leagues, and a revamped version of the 3P Draft Strategy, reflecting updates to the Draft Planalyzer. Stay tuned!

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I just loaded my league’s draft data into the all new Draft Planalyzer.. looking good! Should be available soon.

Here’s a look at how my drafts have gone. Looks like I’m pretty predictable.. but I did win it all last year! Click for a full size view.

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Coming Soon!

The 2012 Edition of the amazing Draft Analyzer Workbook.. Revamped, re-badged and better than ever. Just enter some information about *your* league, the results of your last three years of drafts, and you’ll be blown away by what this little wonder of spreadsheet wizardry reveals!

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Psst.. hey, over here.

Want a sneak peek at what we’re working on here at Adding an individual owner dashboard to help you game your fantasy football draft, that’s what!

If you didn’t use the Draft Analyzer Workbook last year, you missed out on a chance to predict- with remarkable reliability- how your draft will go. Where the runs start. Where you should set your baselines. All kinds of good, usable intel on your league-mates!

And this year, we’re adding another way to zoom in on individual owners and their habits in a premium edition of the soon-to-be revealed new version. So, stay tuned.. and enjoy this look at the all new Owner Dashboard. Also, if you want to learn more about the DAW from last year, just look under Resources at the top of this page. It’s still perfectly usable; we’re just offering up a nicer version with a few new bells & whistles in the next couple of weeks.

Click on the picture to look at it in all its glory!

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