August 2021
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I’ve long been a fan, and paying customer, of The main draw from the beginning was their awesome and powerful draft management tool, the Draft Dominator. Back in 2004, when I had my epiphany about the information hidden within my previous years’ drafts, I began playing around with the DD’s custom baseline settings. A few years later, I started using the Custom ADP feature. As I’ve promised on the Footballguy’s forums, here is how I use the Draft Planalyzer to set up the Draft Dominator.

Customize Your Baseline

New this year, I developed an automatic Baseline generator to give folks options on which baseline players to use within the context of their league, derived from their league’s habits, along with other popular methods. I used to use whichever round the 12th QB went in my league as my baseline, but I’ve since reverted to using pick 84 as my baseline (7 offensive starters in my league, multiplied by 12 teams, to get 84). So I tally the number of QBs, RBs, WRs & TEs taken by that pick (I don’t care about the other positions in my league for baseline purposes).

Looking at the Baseliner for my league, using the ‘League Baseline- Offensive’ line, I am to use QB 12, RB 31, WR 31 and TE 7 as my baseline players. So, opening up DD and going into Setup, I click the VBD baseline tab. The third option is ‘User Configurable by Position Rank. I put in the ranks for the four OFF positions and leave everything else to 0; simple as that.

Note that I do also use the ‘Wait Until X Players Taken’ options on the General tab; I reserve the last 5 rounds of the draft to pick my four IDP and kicker. I’m filling out everything else on my roster before I take any of those positions, so for my league, we have 20 rounds. I wait until 15 rounds are done- 180 players taken. So, I put in 180 for Place Kickers, DBs, LBs, and DL.

Customize Your ADP

This is even simpler than setting Baselines. Under your FBG/Draft Dominator folder, you should see an ADP_USER.csv file that you can open with a spreadsheet program. In the Draft Planalyzer, after you set it up, you can click over to the ADP-o-matic tab. The first thing you have to do is re-sort the OVR. Pick column, so just hit that little square with the downward-pointer and scroll up (or down) until you find ‘Sort Ascending’. Select that.

Now, you’ll see in the next column over a listing of positions- that is your custom ADP. Select the whole list of positions in that column only (not the header ‘ADP-o-matic), right click, and Copy it. You then Paste that into the first column of the ADP_USER.csv file. Save the ADP_USER.csv file (probably want to save your Draft Planalyzer too) and close out.

In DD, go to File->Import->Average Draft Position (ADP User). DD will then import the ADP_USER.csv that you just saved and, Voila, your ADP will reflect your league’s draft habits. This is a great way to Mock (Make sure Setup->General->Draft other teams by ADP is checked).

Also, if you the Best Value window during your drafts (mock and live) with Custom Dropoff & Auto Look-ahead checked, you’ll get realistic calculations based on how your league has drafted in past years. You’ll have a huge leg up on the competition.

Good luck, and see you on the boards, where I post as freshly_shorn. Drop me a line!

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