August 2021
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So, what will make the draftologist different in a crowded market?

As I plant a foot in the crowded fantasy football information market, I realize that it may be an entirely futile exercise. How can my small voice rise above the din of behemoths like ESPN, Yahoo!, CBS and Fox Sports? Surely there are thousands of sites dedicated to various aspects of the hobby. What can yet another site add to the cacophony?

I’ve taken the tact of looking at assembling a fantasy team as you would an investment portfolio. Like investors, we’re interested in minimizing the risk of a bust while simultaneously maximizing value. Have I won a gazillion titles or money? No, but you would be hard pressed to find a more prepared drafter (perhaps over-prepared, as my leagues would undoubtedly point out). I came to realize that one can use trend analysis to pick out patterns in your established leagues- the ones that you stick with year in and year out. You may be surprised to find out just how predictable your draft may be. Also, did you know that age and experience are a very useful way to quickly eliminate the risk of a bust- maybe as much as 33%, perhaps more, when investing high picks for top players?

So, that’s my niche- figuring out how to maximize the overall initial value of my team while also reducing overall risk of picking busts. In the coming days and weeks I’ll be posting a spread-sheet that will help you analyze your league’s drafting habits. I’ll show you the sweet-spots in age and experience when targeting top players. We’ll examine the broader market to see what patterns and trends we can discern. And, best of all, its all FREE to you. Yes, there will be a tip-jar, and yes, there may be some minimal advertising. There are some bills associated with this site. But, I’ll also find value for myself in the study of fantasy football drafting- draftology.

So, it looks like it may be a looong offseason in the NFL and in fantasy leagues every where. But, there is work you can be doing this off-season. That will be the subject of my next post.

Would you like to be a draftologist with me?

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I’m glad you found the Draftologist blog, but it’s still the off-season here and we’re just getting started!

The Draftologist is what happens when a fantasy football fan gets obsessed with drafting the perfect team. Soon you’ll find free articles on how to minimize draft day risks, analyzing your league’s draft habits, how to create baselines for value-based drafting, and much more.

And while this site will concentrate on fantasy football drafts, there will be in-season content, too.

So, check back often. We’re planning on having the basics up by June, but some things will show up before then. Until then, enjoy the real NFL draft and start getting ready for some football!

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